Egal, ob Sie arbeiten Ihre Magie auf einem neuen man-Freund oder auf der Suche zu erhellen, eine LTR, diese subtilen, guy-friendly romantischen Ideen wird die Arbeit für Sie beide. Galerie Anzeigen 14 Fotos 4 der 14 Browse the local music listings for cheap or free shows in your area and create a 5 der 14 6 der 14 7 der 14 8 der 14 Mix things up by trying your hand at role-play. Don't limit yourself to the same old stuff. Be creative and come up with cool scenarios, like rock star and groupie—your groupie.9 der 14 Tease your guy with little practical jokes. Have an object, like a ridiculous fake plant, that he's given you a hard time about? Hide it around his place. Whether it's waiting for him in the fridge, the washer or his computer's desktop wallpaper, it's destined to deliver a genuine laugh.10 der 14 11 der 14 12 der 14 Take a cue from 50 Shades of Grey and dog-ear a few of your favorite smokin' scenes to try out with your guy (er, sans the cheesy dialogue).13 der 14 14 der 14 1 von 14